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What are the benefits of Dance?

Dancing is a joyful activity. It rejuvenates the mind and keeps the
body in shape. You love to dance when you are happy and want to
celebrate a special occasion. There are many dance forms and each
of them is equally mesmerizing and soothing. But do you know that
dancing also has amazing health benefits associated with it. After
knowing about these benefits, you’ll certainly enjoy your dancing
more than ever before.

The Health Benefits of Dance:

Dancing Burns Fat:

Dance may keep you forever young. It helps in cutting down extra fats
accumulated around belly, thigh, back, and biceps. People usually get
rid of boring exercises and riding bicycle. For such people, dance is
the best workout. Daily half an hour brisk dancing can certainly cut
down the risk of obesity. Muscles exertion and high flow of oxygen in
body keeps heart and cardiovascular system healthy.

It Boosts Up Memory:

Dance may also increase your memory power. With the increasing age
people develop disease called dementia which decreases memory. A
ecent scientific study revealed that aerobic exercise or dancing
an reverse the damage of hippocampus. It controls memory. This is
the part of brain which automatically shrinks with the increasing age.
Dancing regularly in old age will stop shrinking of hippocampus and
consequently, person does not lose memory.

It Reduces Stress:

Dance also helps you to reduce stress. It acts like a stress buster
for the people who are enthusiastic and fond of dancing or acrobatics.
A long study has suggested that good dance and music may bring down
stress and provide relief from tension.

Dance Reduces Cholesterol:

Dancing regularly may reduce the risk of blockages in arteries.
It is beneficial in lowering Bad Cholesterol i.e. LDL and increasing
Good Cholesterol i.e. HDL Cholesterol. A research has disclosed that
acrobatics may reduce blood sugar as well which is eventually advantageous
in diabetes. It keeps heart healthy and maintains good blood circulation.

It Provides Better Body Balance:

Dance will bestow you with better balance and good body posture.
Professional dancers usually master in the different positions and
maintain balance. This exercise of dancing can strengthen your muscles,
rev up reflexes, and stabilize nervous system. It may also lower down the
risk of getting injured in daily work. Dancing also develops good
co-ordination skills and makes your mind sharper and emotionally balanced.

It Revs Up Lifestyle:

Hard dancing daily can certainly uplift the enthusiasm and energy of body.
Morning acrobatics will keep energy for the entire day and you can live your
life to the fullest. It improves body performance taking you in the position
of get-set-go. People are able to do more work, spend time with family,
and play with kids.

Dancing Improves Stamina:

Dancing is a sort of exercise that can increase your stamina. It improves your
working capacity and prevents you from getting exerted. It also enables you to do
long hour jobs. Dance is recognized as the best calorie blaster for the oversized
people. It allows throwing out waste and toxics from the body through sweating.
Eventually, it improves immunity of the person.

These are some of the most amazing health benefits of dancing.