If you are Chef why join kuwaitfoods.com?


if u are chef

If you are Chef why join kuwaitfoods.com?

1. To defend the general interests of the profession and develop the genuine principal of culnary art.

2. To popularise Indina Cuisine through various media in international markets.

3. To educate people about food and profession through a series of programmes.

4. To assist professional chefs to publish books, write food articles on cusines.

5. To develop chef community.

6. To help in the globalisation of Indian Chef

7. To find business opportunity in the middle east and around the world

8. Finding Investor's  to start your own Restaurants/Cafe/Coffee/Jucie Center in kuwait

9. We find fulltime or parttime jobs.

10. We provide you opportunity to make extra income by give training in cooking and culnary arts.

How to Join online.

1. Visit www.kuwaitfoods.com  on laptop,computer & NOT ON MOBILE.

2. Look for Yellow Button (Register) on top of the website.

3. After filling Register Form, go back in your email for password and click

4. Go on Black Bar on Top (JOB SEEKERS) and Select (POST YOUR RESUME/CV) 

Automatically will come on our email.

or Call 99974831 Mr. Charly