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By Dr. Susma Pandita - Kuwait

Why do we really need to understand the nutrition facts of the food we eat?

Today, millions of people around the world puzzled to understand the right nutrition for them. Even though there is abundance of cheap, healthy food available around us, somehow the link between good food and health has been missing. Partly, this is because of the lack of clear information regarding how to eat? and, moreover, what to eat?

Have you ever wondered how quite a number of Okinawa Island people able to live more than 100 years of disease-free life? Indeed, it is scientifically proven true fact! The secret behind their highest life expectancy may be attributed to their deep knowledge of nutritional facts of the food items available around them and eating techniques they practice. People from this tiny Japanese island consume nutrient rich, low-calorie diet (a diet averaging not more than one calorie/g) composed of low fat, less sugar, and sufficient in protein (available through small quantity of fish) but lots of green/orange/yellow (GOY) vegetables, and fruits.

Of course! The right nutrition is your right kind of workout!

Several research studies have shown that the kind of food we consume at early stages of life sets in the metabolism pace of our body for the rest of our life. Therefore, the benefits of eating right at early years will be greater and long lasting.

Nutrition, health, and wellness are intricately inter-linked. Aberrations in our nutrition tend to influence significantly on our health and well-being. Gradually, but unfortunately, our eating habits have changed in a significant way from their usual, natural pattern. Each passing day, various hazardous agents enter our body through our diet.

Modern food industry uses many preservatives, artificial colorants, additives, and chemicals in order to enhance the appearance, flavor, and shelf-life of food we eat. However, these compounds ultimately end up accumulating inside our body, only to show their deleterious effects in the form of diseases, cancers, and genetic malformations in the newborns, etc, soon rather than later.

It is, therefore, imperative to each one us to understand the nutritional requirements of our body. All of us are curious about finding out "what is a well-balanced diet in order to stay healthy and to enjoy productive life?" Certain level of knowledge about the food science is necessary regarding food items' nutrition value, their anti-oxidant strength, storage quality, processing methods and consumption. Every effort should be made to have all the nutrients in right quantities, proportion, hygienic and free from harmful germs and chemicals.

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