Restaurant Management


1 Manage Costs Effectively

In order to run a successful business, the managing costs is critical. These costs include labor, food and waste costs. Keeping an accurate record of all costs and losses will help managers budget funds for the future and protect profits. 

2 Successfully Market Your Concept

Managers are responsible for promoting the brand in order to bring in more business. Learn the best ways to market to your area and implement marketing strategies whenever possible.

3 Manage Product Quality

Simply by opening their doors, restaurants are promoting the quality of their food and service. Be sure to follow through and offer the best quality products possible. Enforce food preparation procedures, food storage standards and presentation quality at all times.

4 Deliver Superior Service

Guest service is one of the most important parts of any restaurant's objectives. For any staff members who have contact with guests, be sure to train and model superior customer service at all times, from their arrival to their departure.

5 Manage Time Wisely

Restaurant managers have a lot on their plates. A manager needs to learn to balance their obligations to avoid burnout and keep the business running smoothly. Budget time for scheduling, inventory, ordering, receiving, helping on the line and other duties throughout the day. 

6 Create a Positive Work Environment

Do what you can to create a positive environment where people feel they can trust one another and work together. Hire quality people, get to know them and treat them fairly. Balance fun with hard work to create a positive environment. 
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7 Motivate the Team

Learn about what motivates your employees. Use contests, games, food, prizes and other incentives to get the team excited about running a strong shift. Motivation keeps people upbeat and productive.

8 Set the Example

You may not know it, but your employees are watching everything you do and say. You set the example for acceptable behavior in your restaurant, so make sure it is a positive one.

9 Discipline Consistently

When you need to discipline an employee, refer to the discipline policies outlined in your employee handbook. Be sure that your employees are familiar with your restaurant's policies, and maintain consistency and fairness when dealing with inappropriate behavior. 

10 . Reward Appropriately

Be sure to identify when employees deserve rewards due to high achievement or consistently great work. Praise employees in front of their peers when appropriate, and be sure to consistently recognize those who perform above standards.