Stay Young with Healthy Diet

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Stay Young with Healthy Diet Always

A healthy diet is one which will improve not just your physical health, but your mental health as well. It is essentially concerned with healthy nutrients and essential amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. A healthy diet can be obtained by consuming the correct proportion of vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods.
The following section focuses upon how to have healthy and controlled diet in and out of home for yourself and your family!

Tips for your family
1.Have the food as slowly as possible.
2.Have small quantities of food at one time.

At home
1.Eat on small plates to control having extra quantities of food.
2.While doing the monthly shopping of groceries, buy the food in small containers to make yourself aware of how much you are consuming.
3.Try to have meat, poultry and seafood with herbs and spices instead of sauces or gravies.

Outside home
1.While having food at restaurant, have lighter version of the food. Foods rich in gravies and spices can adversely affect your health.
2.Experience mindfully the experience of tasting the delicious food. This is good both for your physical as well as mental health.
3.Avoid having desserts immediately after food if possible.
4.Try to have healthier foods like fresh fruits, sorbets, whole grains and other lighter versions of your choice of foods. Carefully notice the amount of food you are consuming no matter whatever you eat!
5.Try to start your meal with broth-based soup or green salad. Order a healthier version of the food first and foremost in order to avoid being influenced by the choices of others who are having the meal with you.

Tips solely focused on and for your family
1.Be a role model for your child by showing how to have smaller and required portions of the food, especially those with high calories.
2.Teach them by offering healthy foods and letting them to choose the amount they want to eat.
3.Encourage them to have plain water when thirsty. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a doctor and ask a free question.

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