Red Lips

How to make lips beautiful

Red lipstick is a classic. Always has been, always will be. The right shade brightens up your face and makes you look fabulous whereas the wrong one can overpower the rest of the makeup and make you look a bit vulgar. Luckily for you, we put together a little selection of shades that’s going to make your lips pop!

If you have a fair complexion or light olive skin:
Go for cool reds, sophisticated cranberry or nice cherry tones. The blue notes in these colors contrast amazingly well with the pink highlights of your face. If you have porcelain skin, the wine reds suit you the best.

If you have a medium skin tone:
Opt for the brownish reds and blackberry colors. The purple undertones contained in the lipsticks will have a great impact on your lips.



For olive skins:
The yellow and orange-based reds are what suit you best: they make your lips look vivid and fiery.

If you have a dark complexion:
You’re in luck: You can wear intense colors like deep, wine-colored or brick reds. If you want to look young and bright, you can go for berry reds and if you prefer something more elegant, adopt a maroon shade.



Remember: Avoid the deep reds if you have thin lips, and if your teeth are a bit yellow, avoid brown-based lipstick, it’ll only make the yellow stand out. Don’t forget to check your teeth to avoid lipstick stains!

All Credit goes to ezinearticles/simple beauty tips