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Ridge Gourd for Diabetics

Quick Tips•Ridge Gourd benefits to reduce hyperacidity•Benefits in weight loss as ridge rourd is low in calories•Ridge Gourd is very good for diabetics•Premature graying of hairs can be prevented with ridge gourd•To reduce body and foot odor use ridge gourd regularly•Ridge Gourd helps to get rid of constipation•Ridge courd curry receipe How to Make Ridge Gourd Curry RecipeRidge gourd is known as turai or turiya or by other Indian names. Ridge gourd has a ridged, rough skin on the outside and soft, spongy white pulp on the inside along with seeds at the core. The seeds and the outer rind are usually discarded. The pulp is low in calories and high in nutrition. Ridge gourd is usually available in summer and gives a number of health benefits. You can make a curry or make juice using ridge gourd.Ridge gourd, if made into a curry, tastes simply delicious. The outer rind is usually discarded but people of Andhra Pradesh even use the rind to make a delicious hot chutney. Simply grind it to a paste with some green chillies, mint leaves, coriander leaves and a little bit of tamarind paste. It can accompany ridge gourd curry.Ridge Gourd Curry Recipe Ingredients•500 grams ridge gourd (you need more quantity as you discard skin and seeds and when cooked the quantity reduces) deskinned and deseeded, cubed•1 tsp urad dal and chana dal•2 red chillies•½ spoon cumin seeds, ¼ spoon mustard seed, ¼ spoon hing•1 spoon chopped roasted peanuts•1 cup dahi•½ cup oil•10 curry leaves•2 garlic cloves mashed•red chilli powder, turmeric powder to taste•salt to taste Method•In a pan first put the oil and heat it after which add urad dal and chana dal and brown followed by mustard seeds and then jeera seeds.•Add dry red chilly, curry leaves, garlic and stir fry.•Add hing and then the chopped ridge gourd pieces.•Stir until masala mixes, on high heat.•Now add a few teaspoons of water, cover and let cook for 3-5 minutes.•The gourd will soften. Add curds and mix well and then add a little bit of water.•Give it a coriander garnish.•Goes well with chapatti or plain rice.•Prepare chutney with the discarded skin and it gets even better. If you know some other way recipe for ridge gourd, please send on our email:[email protected]  or post directly on Recipe Area by registering.